Friday, December 7, 2012

I have been searching for a new machine to upgrade the techniques I am using in my art quilts! I was looking at a Janome 6300 and went to test drive it Thursday, Nov 8th after my guild meeting! I did go and I test drove it and it was wonderful! BUT....... I happened to look over my shoulder and saw the Horizon! There were two kinds! The 7700, which they were not carrying anymore, and the 12,000  which is the new Horizon replacing the 7700! I didn't even bother with the 12,00 because it's price was $3000! But the Horizon 7700 was his last one and it was a floor model. I should have walked by it but I did not! I sat down and tested it! All the functions were really the same, straight stitching, free motion and zigzag! But then I wanted to do free motion zigzag which my Viking 715 does not do well at all. The dealer changed the foot for me to the clear round one, set the machine up for me and said "go for it!" I followed the meandered pattern someone else had done with the zigzag to see if it could take the turns and tight spaces around what I do with hair, faces, around eyes and noses!  IT WAS MAGNIFICENT!  I held my breath and whispered....  I'll take it! 


  1. I came over here from your TQS blog. Both Damian and Rudy look great! Can't wait to see what the whole quilt looks like.
    I was told the Janome 12000 was going to cost $12,000! Your dealer said $3000? The one who told me wasn't allowed to sell it because he didn't go to the launch, so maybe it was sour grapes.
    If you don't mind my asking, how much did the 7700 cost? Do you still like it?

  2. That's the Horizon 1200! I think that's what he called it. It did cost $3000 so maybe I got the name of the new Horizon wrong! I still have it on layaway so am not using it yet!

  3. Thanks for entering to win Sarah's DVD. I see our choices in sewing machines are the same. I recently gave myself a retirement gift of a half priced 8900. I used to use Bernina's, which I still love but have become too high priced for me to think about buying again. My Janome is my dream machine - I love,love love it !

    Your work is truly wonderful!