Thursday, December 27, 2012

Damian Completed!

I have been working on the grandmother quilt. This is the last face added to it after my youngest grandson came into the picture in April! This is the pattern. I then traced it onto freezer paper and used that to cut up. It's pretty easy using this method because you can iron the freezer paper right onto your fabric. Just cut it out adding the 1/4" for overlapping where necessary!

This is after I had the base fabric for his face. Then I added the darker areas for shadows in varying degrees. I use my hand dyed fabric for the skin. Only the blanket, shorts and hair are commercial fabric. In all the other faces I used only hand dyed fabric.  See the freezer paper face to the left?

I also did the face in paint to see what it would look like, however, it did not match the other faces done in fabric. But I wanted to show it to you... It was fun!  I have since added hair!

Here is Damian's face completed next to Rudy, who is done in fabric only. So it works out well, I think! I am very happy with Damian's face. I don't think you can tell that Damian is colored a little bit with colored pencils! I heat set the color!


  1. Very pretty Ann, you've done a beautiful job!

  2. Thank you Dori! I was worried Damian would look different but he meshes well with the other faces! I am now ready to continue with the quilt!