Monday, October 22, 2012

Who knew I had such a big stash!

 Hand dyed pile on the far right.... There's yellows, 2 piles blues, purples, (back row) reds, browns, oranges, & black...  The greens aren't even in this group!

My hand dyed pile!

Reds and purples!

My stash!

I decided to divide my fabric stash into colors and was very surprised to see how much fabric I have! This is just my greens...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A different arrangement for the faces! Damian too!

This is a different arrangement with Angie, Willy & my Grandmother in the center. Damian is not complete yet so I put his paper face in the upper right corner. His coloring will mostly be flesh color because he's only in his diaper. But I'm going to add only a little baby material for his diaper to balance out the color. This is the entire quilt too. I decided not to add borders because the background design is based on a rug my grandmother wove. 

I never noticed it before but all the boys shirts are darker colors! Maybe I should add some color to Elamar's shirt in the lower left hand corner! I still have to set the paint on the dreamcatcher but will do that in 5 days after I let it cure. I'll add more color for dimension in the dreamcatcher with thread. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Re-designing the Grandmother Quilt!

Well.... I have taken the advice of my followers and re-arranged the faces around the dreamcatcher and have finally come to the conclusion that I am going to have to add my new Grandson to the quilt! He's 6 months old which was why he wasn't on it to begin with! I finished the other faces almost 2 years ago! But here is what I have decided to use! This is the pattern for it.....

This is Damian, my grandson!
I will have to keep the size of the finished face in mind, as I didn't do that with the others! So he will fit right in, in an appropriate size!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Studio!

I know this is really just a corner of my living room but to me it is my quilting studio! I am so proud of it! LOL... 

I have added a shoe tree that I have adapted to hold all my quilting supplies and tools on that blank wall to the left! My design wall is in back of my machine with my "Fancy Dancer" wall hanging. I am happy to say I got my extension table for $30 at an estate auction. Brand new! 

My new blog! And a new quilt!

I am starting a new blog to share my journey in fiber fun! 

First up.... A quilt I have had on the back burner for 2 years! I'm painting a dreamcatcher on a quilt that will have 7 faces around the dreamcatcher. The base of the quilt is a pattern of a rug my grandmother wove before her passing in 1975. I dyed the fabric and made the base so the dreamcatcher and faces are on her rug design. My Grandmother will be in the center w/ my kids and 3 grandkids around the outer edges of the catcher. My question is this.... Does the arrangement have balance? I have moved around the people and want some input as to what your opinion is! 

#1 - Balanced? or....#2? I am still painting the dreamcatcher. It's taped off so the paint doesn't run..... 

#2 - I have rearranged the two kids so that all the boys are on the right... does this look better than the top arrangement?

Here is a close up of the color of the dreamcatcher. I used shiva paintsticks and still need to add thread painting to get the desired effect I want.