Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thread Painting....

I learned something new today and Lola Jenkins,, helped me solve my puckering problem! I actually have never had a problem, however, I think it was because I did the thread painting before it was quilted whereas I generally do it through all 3 layers. I added a heavy weight stabilizer and that solved my problem! Here are the steps I have taken so far.... 

Step 1.... This is the original panel and I have colored it with Inktense Pencils by Derwent.

Step 2... I started to do the thread painting but it started to pucker even though I had stabilizer on the back. It wasn't heavy enough! 

I spoke with Lola Jenkins on FaceBook, quilter extraordinaire, & she said she uses heavy weight stabilizer. I guess Ricky Tim's Stable Stuff is not heavy enough for this particular project. I have always used Stable Stuff and it did well on my faces in my quilts!
Step 3... I added a layer of heavy weight stabilizer! And it worked! 

No more puckering at all! I am not finished but I wanted to share my progress! Here is a close-up of what I have done so far! It is intoxicatingly  fun! 

So my advice is... first, do a practice piece and see if the stabilizer is going to work on the amount of thread painting your doing. Second, use lots of thread and have fun with it! Third.... there are no mistakes only learning opportunities! Have fun!!!


  1. Wow, this is beautiful! Great project-be sure and keep us updated on your progress!