Sunday, October 21, 2012

A different arrangement for the faces! Damian too!

This is a different arrangement with Angie, Willy & my Grandmother in the center. Damian is not complete yet so I put his paper face in the upper right corner. His coloring will mostly be flesh color because he's only in his diaper. But I'm going to add only a little baby material for his diaper to balance out the color. This is the entire quilt too. I decided not to add borders because the background design is based on a rug my grandmother wove. 

I never noticed it before but all the boys shirts are darker colors! Maybe I should add some color to Elamar's shirt in the lower left hand corner! I still have to set the paint on the dreamcatcher but will do that in 5 days after I let it cure. I'll add more color for dimension in the dreamcatcher with thread. 

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